Lauren Brown. 20. Albuquerque.

I’m a bitch. I also pick up a book…occasionally.

I learned how to read at a primary school. Thanks, Mrs. Carter and Ms. Callaby. Without you, I probably still would have learned how to read, but you wouldn’t have been the ones to teach me.

Here I am with Ms. Callaby. She looks like Harry Potter. Initially, Ā I felt that noting the resemblance would be making fun of her, which makes me uncomfortable, because she was a really nice lady. However, I feel now that comparing someone to Harry Potter is not an insult, but is simply stating a fact.

I am currently an English/Classics major at a university. I tutor Latin and Ancient Greek.

I read a lot of YA, because I am a Young Adult. Also, I don’t have that much time to read anymore, but YA books don’t take long to get through.


litbbooks@gmail.com (Google would not let me use the word “bitch” in my email address)

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