The World I Live In – Mary Oliver

I read this poem recently and it really resonated. I have been really interested in manifestation lately, especially the Law of Assumption. For more information on manifestation, I really recommend Sammy Ingram on YouTube. This poem seems applicable to manifestation because it is about living in a world beyond what we can see, and beyond “reasons and proofs.” Manifestation is wider than the 3D, and it is limitless. If you believe in something, it can exist, just like the angels at the end of the poem.

I also have some thoughts on the text of the poem that I wanted to share. I thought it was interesting how the line “reasons and proofs” (3) is the short line in the stanza. It is like those words are confined or “locked” (Oliver’s word at line 2) in the line. “Reasons and proofs” are what are limited by the line.

The world that Mary Oliver lives in is “wider” (5), as are the lines she describes her world in. Those lines are also enjambed. The lines with “the world I believe in/ is wider than that” (lines 4-5) aren’t confined to the lines of the poem and the sentence has to run into the following line. It is like the world she lives in is bigger than can be confined, and it is therefore limitless.

Overall, this is such a beautifully written poem! ❤

ISBN for Devotions by Mary Oliver: 978-0-399-56326-3

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