The D.U.F.F.


When I started this blog, I thought I would be able to post daily. This was a delusion. I am a college student. I had other shit to do. But, since finals are over, I will be able to post more until next semester. However, posting every day is still an unrealistic goal. I would make a consistent schedule, but my job does not have a consistent schedule. Besides, it is my blog, and I’m a bitch. I’ll do what I want.


The D.U.F.F. by Kody Keplinger has a stupid title, but I love everything else about it.

 The main character, Bianca, is smart and sassy, and she hates this dude Wesley, who is an ass. He calls her the “DUFF” of her friends, which stands for Designated, Ugly, Fat Friend. A girl might use a DUFF to make herself seem hotter by comparison. Despite hating him, Bianca falls for Wesley, and he grows as a character throughout the book. By the end, I have a crush on him. I fall for a character in most of the books I read.

Bianca has a difficult life at home. She’s very close with her dad, but at some point in the novel he starts drinking, and hits her. When Wesley sees this, he punches Bianca’s dad, and rescues Bianca. I thought that was so hot. This is when I stopped hating, and started loving Wesley. I find the idea of a man wanting to protect me so attractive. I realize that’s a flaw, and I should be a strong, independent woman, but I like what I like. You can tell a boy is into you if he’s willing to kick someone’s ass for you. This has never happened for me, so far I’ve only dated boring idiots. I kind of worry that reading about all these awesome men have raised my standards too much.

An important theme in The D.U.F.F. is confidence. When Wesley calls Bianca the DUFF, her confidence is wounded. However, we learn that both of Bianca’s friends genuinely care about her and are not using her to make themselves seem attractive. When they hear about the term, they say it’s ridiculous. In fact, they consider themselves the DUFFs of the group.

I haven’t watched the film adaptation for The D.U.F.F. and I don’t plan on it. I have heard that it is a lot different from the book, so if it was bad, you should still read the book. If it was good, you should also still read the book. If you are hesitant to read The D.U.F.F. because of its dumbass title, you should get over it, and just read it.

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